How many years a dog lives?

The average life expectancy is approximately 12 years, depending on breed and size of the dog. For example, a chihuahua may live until the age of 19, while for a boxer this age is infeasible.

Especially, from the age of three, dogs become possessive towards their owner and have more need for love, affirmation, understanding and protecion.

Ablactation and puppy’s nutrition

Ablactation may begin at the age of three to four weeks and may be completed between the 6th and 8th week, when the puppy begins to be fed only solid food. Ablactation is completed with a gradual diminishing of milk; you mix a small quantity of development aliment in milk or the milk substitute, as well as you can mix LAKY aliment with water or meat broth which should be consumed within 12 hours.

TOP START development aliment should be given after the ablactation and until the puppy’s coming of ade depending/according to the pet’s breed and size.

The puppies have high nutrition requirements but small stomaches that is why they have to receive the duitable quantity of food multiple times a day. The daily portion of food recommended is: three meals until the 6th month, two meals from 6 to 12 months and one meal-if needed- after the 12th month.

Pregnancy and breast feeding

The average duration of pregnancy in dogs and cats is about 60 days. The requirements in food usually do not change in the first weeks of pregnancy (2nd-3rd), while from the 4th week they need about 15 % more food and the last weeks the quantity is doubled in relation to the quantity your pet consumed before pregnancy.

TOP ENERGY constitutes an ideal aliment for female dogs, where two meals a day suffice to cover its increased nedds during the breast feeding period.

Which are the demands of your dog in a period of high activity?

A pet’s nutrition depends on size activity (mild/intense), age (young/old), physique and breed.

All LAKY aliments contain all the nutrients and required components that help a pet’s proper development and nutrition. Even though there are breeds with intense activity and increased energy needs for a certain amount of time like hunting season for houns.

LAKY after long-term research and cooperation with nutrition experts and veterinaries has developped the series of aliments called energy.

More eupeptic, more nutritional and with more proteins and fats that offer oprimal resistance, strength and the energy needed so as the hounds respond to their tasks.

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Which food is dangerous for pets?

Many of the food we consume is entirely inappropriate for pets because they may cause physical disorders (diarrhea, fever) and several illnesses (allergies, skin itching).

In particular, foods such as cold cuts, onions, tuna, grapes, avocado, chocolate, milk in adult animals and bones that cause injuries at the digestive system, would be wise to be avoided.