LAKY’s production facilities work with innovative design based on the most stringent European standards according to european legislation. The mechanical equipment of the company, which is modern, flexible and with a high degree of automation was selected by leading international firms. The production process is electronically controlled and a complete recording of all parameters and conditions is being held. By monitoring developments in Europe LAKY pioneered the application of Extrusion Technology “twin-screw extruder, high temperature-short time / HTST the most modern technology for the production of pet food. This technology is a mechanical and heat-moisture method” exothisis- swelling “characterized by the new generation of twin screw and the applied high temperature for a short time. With the above technology the “health” of the product by heat treatment HTST is ensured, while the digestibility of more components of the feed in particu lar the starch and protein is increasing. Simultaneously with the above an immediate processing of fresh meat to food is achieved, producing high quality petfoods and palatability with very good flavor and aroma.

Also, in all stages of the production process and the distribution of its products, the company implements one of the most modern quality assurance systems certified according to ISO 9001. The well-equipped and staffed quality control laboratory carries out continuous and rigorous testing both raw and auxiliary materials and in the finished products to guarantee that we provide the best possible product for your pet.

State of the art extrusion plant.
(the company invested 2.5 million euro during 2011)

Experienced specialized personnel.
The team of vets and nutritionists
that work for the company, always examine new trends in pet nutrition in collaboration with highly specialized external staff and universities.